The Jump 2016: Tina Hobley 'considering suing the show over injury'

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Tina Hobley is considering suing Channel 4 and The Jump's production company.

The Holby City actress had to quit the competition this year after a nasty crash when practising the ski jump last month.

However the crash wasn't down to inexperience, instead falling after having to swerve someone else on the slopes.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said at the time: “The Jump adheres to the strictest safety protocols to ensure that the health and safety of the competitors is always paramount.

"Tina’s fall was caused by simple human error when members of the ground crew failed to clear the outrun.

"All those involved have been spoken to and extra procedures have now been put in place by the producers to ensure that this will not happen again.

"We’re very sorry to lose Tina from the competition and wish her a very speedy recovery.”

Now the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper report that Tina is considering legal action against the show.

She told the publication this weekend: “Someone told me to jump and it wasn’t safe to jump. So it wasn’t an accident that was my fault.

“What happened was painful.”

Tina was left with a dislocated elbow and broken arm following the crash and is still awaiting surgery.

“I’m recovering at the moment. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve got a long recovery to go. It will be about a year before I’m back to normal," she said. “I’ve got to have two operations. But I don’t know yet what they will be.”

Channel 4 and TwoFour declined to comment on the report.