The Jump 2016 final results: Ben Cohen crowned winner after beating Dean Cain

The Jump 2016 - Ben Cohen

Ex-rugby player Ben Cohen has been crowned the winner of The Jump 2016 after beating Dean Cain by half a metre on the ski jump in the grand final.

Tonight's live show saw Ben, Dean, Sid Owen, Tamara Beckwith and Tom Parker face four rounds of competition with the aim of taking home the cowbell trophy. First up was the return of the Snow Cross - with bosses making it tougher by extending it 50 metres.

Race one involved all of the finalists, with previous event champion Tom again proving unstoppable, beating Dean Cain to first place - while Sid went straight to the jump after coming last.

Dean then faced fellow runners-up Ben and Tamara in the second race - but caused controversy when he grabbed Ben to pull him back.

Although officials deemed his move wasn't against the rules, karma came back to bite the Superman actor when he tumbled over just before the finish line - allowing Ben to overtake him and secure victory.

This meant Dean and Tamara joined Sid in facing the first live ski jump of the night. Sid set a new record with the show's highest-ever length score of 18.85 metres, while Dean scored 18.2 metres.

Tamara lagged behind on 15.9 metres, making her the first contestant of the night to be eliminated. "I have loved so much of it, but I really loved the jumping the best," she told host Davina McCall.

Ultimate Jump course

Event two was the brand new 'Ultimate' course. Described by Graham Bell as "longer, tougher and more demanding than anything they’ve faced before", it was 400 metres of twists, turns, rollers and kickers.

The all-male final four went head-to-head in the nail-biting first race. Ben and Tom traded places for the lead, until Tom veered off to the outside of the track. This paved the way for Ben to win, with Dean also beating the former The Wanted singer to second place.

With Ben guaranteed his place in the final jump, the other three stars raced again. This time Tom managed to redeem himself, taking first place, with Dean following in second.

Despite his impressive jump earlier in the night, Sid was eliminated for coming last. "It's been so great, I've had the best time ever," he said. "I gave it my all, I just wasn't quick enough."

The final jump results

Ben, Dean and Tom then had to complete one last ski jump in their bid for victory. For Ben and Tom, it was their first ever ski jump on live TV.

Ben set the bar high with a score of 18.25 metres, and Tom was unable to beat him, with his 16.55 metres meaning he finished the series in third place.

The final result rested with Dean - but despite claiming he had a 20-metre jump in him, he could only muster 17.70 metres, making Ben the winner of The Jump 2016.

Ben joined the show in its third week as the last replacement for the long list of contestants who quit over injuries. Although he's the runner-up, Dean can hold his head high as the last person standing from the original line-up.

It's claimed that Channel 4 is considering axing The Jump after a total of SEVEN celebs withdrew this year - although the broadcaster currently insists that the reports are "categorically untrue".