Will The Jump be AXED by Channel 4 after three series?

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The Jump is reportedly set to be axed by Channel 4 after the current series.

According to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, the show won't be back for a fourth run next year.

However Channel 4 say that the claims are "categorically untrue" as the third series prepares for its live final tonight.

The Sun suggests that the numerous injuries together with with the cost of filming mean it's more hassle than its worth with an average of around 2 million viewers each weekend.

A source told the tabloid this weekend: "At the end of the day, this comes down to business.

“The show is just not pulling in the viewing figures to justify the huge amount being spent on it.

“On top of the celebrity fees and travel costs, there’s insurance, the medical team, the fees for hospital treatment. The list goes on. The bosses’ view is that it isn’t worth it for an audience of a few million.”

However Channel 4 responded by saying: "The Jump has been hugely successful, averaging over two million viewers. Last Sunday it helped Channel 4 to be the most watched commercial channel across the day.

They declared: "It is categorically untrue to suggest the show has been axed.”

So as for whether or not there will be another series next year, we guess it's a case of wait and see!

For now, The Jump 2016 concludes tonight on Channel 4 from 7:30PM.

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