The Jump 2016: Tamara Beckwith buries the hatchet with arch rival Heather Mills

Pair made up in bid to beat the boys at ski cross

the jump 2016 line up cast - 12

Tamara Beckwith managed to bury the hatchet with her The Jump 2016 arch rival Heather Mills before injuries forced her out of the competition.

The pair had a major falling out two weeks ago in the run-up to their head-to-head parallel slalom race, when Tamara objected to Heather filming their training sessions.

And after they were drawn in the same group as Dean Cain and Tom Parker for tonight's ski cross semi-final, it seemed the tension would play to the boys' advantage.

"Ski cross is a very brutal, very aggressive sport," Dean commented. "I don’t think the girls are gonna like any contact. If there’s contact in there I think they’re gonna back off."

However, what they didn't know was that the girls had sorted out their differences in a bid to triumph.

"I think the two boys are probably surprised that our rivalry from the slalom has been put to bed," Tamara said to Heather. "The whole filming thing just freaked me out, and I was a bit of a brat."

"I’m glad that that’s all over now and we can just focus on getting to the final and kicking their butts."

The socialite later added in a piece to camera: "I’ve really come to respect Heather, I mean of course I want to beat her, but I’d prefer to beat the boys as I think they need to be taken down a peg or two!"

Unfortunately, Heather later had to withdraw from the show after injuring her thumb and knee while practising on the ski cross course.

This left Tamara, now the only remaining female contestant, to face the boys on their own - but she and Dean both failed to finish the live race tonight thanks to the former Superman actor swerving in to her.

After facing the jump, they both managed to make it through to next week's grand final, with Brian McFadden becoming the fourth star to be eliminated.

The Jump 2016 concludes next Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 4.