The Jump 2016: Frustrated Tom Parker gets a pep talk from Ben Cohen

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Ben Cohen may have talked himself out of a win on The Jump 2016 tonight after he gave a pep talk to Tom Parker - who threw a strop during training earlier this week.

Tonight's episode featured moguls, a brand new event to the show, which involves skiing down a slope covered in small bumps.

Contestants were paired off for head-to-head races based on their skiing ability, with Ben and Tom being drawn against each other - but while Ben remained calm and collected, Tom struggled to get to grips with the challenge.

The former The Wanted singer moaned about the snow being too deep for him to dig his "poles" in to, and ended up walking off in frustration.

"When it comes to training, Tom can be very impatient and short-tempered," said the show's alpine trainer Warren Smith. "He starts to get emotional when something goes wrong and throws his toys out the pram. he totally loses focus."

Tom himself admitted: "I do get frustrated, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy."

Back at the contestants' lodge, Ben was kind enough to offer his rival a pep talk. "When I was playing rugby, because I wasn’t naturally gifted, I had to go away and learn at a very quick rate," he explained.

"Let’s make a deal - tomorrow we’ll go back out on the slopes, no losing your temper. Scream inside."

However, his gesture came back to haunt him during the main event - as after a steady start that left him and Tom neck-and-neck, Tom eventually gained enough of a lead to secure victory.

Asked by host Davina McCall if he regretted giving his "amazing zen advice", Ben joked: "Yeah, I am a little bit!"

The result meant that the sportsman had to rely on the jump to stay in the competition - but he eventually secured the best air jump height score of 9.21 metres, with Joe Swash becoming the third celeb to be eliminated.

The Jump continues next Sunday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 with its semi-final.

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