Tamara Beckwith furious as The Jump 2016 rival Heather Mills FILMS her on parallel slalom

the jump 2016 line up cast - 12

Tamara Beckwith was left fuming on The Jump 2016 when her parallel slalom opponent Heather Mills used a mobile phone to RECORD her training.

The pair, described as two of the best skiers in the competition by the show's commentators, were pit against each other in the latest event for tonight's show.

Tamara was extremely confident she'd grab victory, proclaiming: "I believe I can win it if I put my mind to it. I’ll take any of them on."

However, Heather - who has returned as a replacement contestant this year, having previously been the third celeb eliminated from last year's series - wasn't going down without a fight.

"I’ve never done a parallel slalom, but I’m like a greyhound - if someone’s next to me it just makes me go faster," she commented.

Determined to make it to the final, Heather decided to employ the unusual tactic of filming the training attempts. "All the top coaches do it, I want to watch where I can try and pip her at the post,' she reasoned.

But Tamara objected to being recorded, and let her rival know as soon as she stopped in the landing area.

"Stop f***ing filming Heather. Stop it. You’re a f***ing stalker man," she raged. "It’s like having a bloody peeping Tom."

"She’s getting worried. She's getting very stressed," observed Heather. "She’s gonna get herself wound up, that's not a good idea. I think she’s getting a bit nervous."

Heather's efforts eventually paid off, as she eventually beat Tamara by a nose in an extremely tight live race during tonight's episode.

Therefore, Tamara had to face the air jump to keep her place in the competition. She narrowly avoided the axe with the second-worst height score of 8.55 metres - as James 'Arg' Argent's 8.27 metres meant he was eliminated for the second time.

The Jump continues next Sunday on Channel 4.