The Jump is facing the axe by Channel 4 after string of injuries

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The Jump is facing the axe by Channel 4 after this year's series saw a string of problems.

While slips and falls are part of the show, the third run this winter has been marred by terrible injuries that have forced no fewer than five contestants to withdraw.

Linford Christie was latest to leave due during the week, following Beth Tweddle (fractured neck), Tina Hobley (broken arm and dislocated elbow), Rebecca Adlington (dislocated shoulder) and Mark-Francis Vandelli (fractured ankle) out of the competition.

On top of that many other celebs have been had to battle through the pain with Louisa Lytton starting the series with her hand in a cast while Joe Swash - brought in as a replacement for the injured stars - has broken a bone in his shoulder BEFORE his first appearance.

The Daily Mirror newspaper now reports that the show could face the chop after the current series ends with it proving to be more trouble than its worth.

“This year has been riddled with accidents - it has been one disaster after another, and people high up have had enough of the complications," a source told the newspaper.

They added to the tabloid: “It’s just become a bit of a shambles with everything that’s gone on - injuries, huge insurance costs and the constant headache of replacing contestants - not to mention the fear of somebody doing themselves even more harm.

“This series has caused real concerns back at Channel 4 HQ in London, where top brass are wondering how this has all been allowed to happen.”

Assuming they've still got enough celebs in one piece, the next episode of The Jump 2016 airs live tonight on Channel 4.

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