The Jump 2016: Heather Mills returns to replace Rebecca Adlington

the jump heather 2016

Heather Mills is making a return to The Jump this weekend to replace an injured Rebecca Adlington.

Rebecca had dislocated her shoulder performing the ski-jump last Sunday night.

While she did complete the jump with a high enough score to avoid elimination, the fall on landing left her arm in a sling and it's been confirmed the swimmer won't be able to continue in the show.

Rebecca said she was "so sad to be leaving on injury".

She added: "I'm so proud of myself with the challenges I have overcome, from skeleton to jumping and learning how to ski.

"I'm very grateful to have met the most incredible people as well. It was so difficult but so much fun at the same time."

Heather Mills will be replacing Rebecca having appeared on the show last year before being knocked out in the first round.

“I know I can do much better," Heather said of her return. "I am overjoyed to be asked back by Channel 4 to join the competitors on The Jump, as I always felt it was unfinished business."

The Wanted star Tom Parker will also join the line up this evening in place of actress Tina Hobley who has also been forced out due to injury.

The Jump 2016 continues tonight on Channel 4 as the celebs still left standing take on the snow cross and the new supersized ski jump.

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