The Jump 2015 results! Lady Victoria Hervey eliminated after bobsleigh event

Who left on The Jump tonight? SPOILERS

The Jump Series 2 - (Lady Victoria Hervey)

Lady Victoria Hervey has been eliminated from The Jump 2015 in tonight's results.

The Jump 2015 results! Lady Victoria Hervey eliminated after bobsleigh event
With just nine left fighting for their place in the competition, The Jump cranked it up a gear tonight as the celebrities take on one of the most iconic and dangerous winter sports: the bobsleigh.

Reaching speeds of around 100 kilometres per hour, the celebrities needed to clock the quickest time to avoid facing the dreaded jump.

With the slowest time, Lady Victoria Hervey automatically went on to face The Jump eliminator.

A live draw then determined which of the remaining celebs went head to head with the fastest time winning:

Joey Essex beat Louise Thompson.

Louise Hazel triumphed over Jon-Allen Butterworth.

Stevo O went faster than Chloe Madeley

Mike Tindall lost out to JB Gill

As a result, Louise T, Jon-Allen, Chloe, Mike and Lady Victoria ALL faced The Jump.

Lady Victoria posted a distance of 13.5 metres.

Louise T went 15.5 metres.

Jon-Allen landed at 13.5 metres.

Chloe flew 14.5 metres.

And finally, Mike secured a jump of 17 metres.

As a result, Jon-Allen and Lady Victoria were in danger with the joint-lowest distances.

With their Jumps tied, it went back to the pair's original bobsleigh times and with the slowest time, Lady V left the competition.

The Jump continues nightly on Chanel 4 with the remaining celebs taking on the Ski Cross on Jump Mountain tomorrow (Friday)

Browse pictures of the remaining line up of The Jump 2015 celebrity contestants below...

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