The Island with Bear Grylls has lost its first contestant already


The Island with Bear Grylls 2017 cast has lost its first contestant already.

For its new fourth series, The Island with Bear Grylls is featuring a new twist: A generation divide.

This year's 16 castaways will be split in to two groups - the young and the old, and made up of all genders.

The show will examine which ages cope best with the tough conditions, having started the show on separate islands.

Tonight's second episode saw the two groups come together but it was far from harmonious with some explosive rows between the contestants.

Starving and dehydrated, one couldn't handle it and 18-year-old Freddie Wilson, a gap year student from Argyll, decided to quit.

Freddie was the youngest Islander ever.

Feeling unchallenged during his gap year, he said before the series began that he decided to put himself to the ultimate test, with the added objective of making his family proud in the process.

Freddie described himself as ‘smiley, optimistic and upbeat' and hoped that his positivity coupled with his experience working on his family’s farm in the Scottish Highlands would be key assets to his time on The Island with Bear Grylls.

However he left the show in tonight's episode after just over two weeks, and not everyone was impressed.

Kaggy Burn complained: "I'm sorry but I would not be proud of myself if I left after week two, he's a quitter at the end of the day and I haven't got a lot of time for quitters."

The Island with Bear Grylls continues Mondays on Channel 4 at 9PM.

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