The Island 2017: An almighty row kicks off as young and old come together

The Island with Bear Grylls spoilers


The Island with Bear Grylls is back on Channel 4 tonight and an almighty row kicks off.

The new series continues this evening - Monday, April 24 - on Channel 4.

In Sunday's series opener, the old and young generations were marooned on nearby islands in the Pacific Ocean.

They found one another after just a few days and tonight decide to join forces, with explosive results.

In tonight's show, the young realise they've chosen the wrong campsite when rain turns it into a swamp, forcing them to throw in their luck with the older group.

The olders aren't entirely pleased by their surprise new arrivals and an almighty row kicks off between the Islanders in the two groups.

Meanwhile, the youngest castaway, 18-year-old gap year student Freddie, becomes an apprentice to the oldest islander, 66-year-old businessman Frank.

With hunger beginning to set in, Freddie goes on to turn snake killer and provides a precious meal.

Elsewhere, fed up with being labelled as lazy and less able by the older group, 23-year-old events manager Kaggy goes hunting for something big for the starving islanders to feast on. Is this Kaggy's moment to shine?

The Island with Bear Grylls airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 4 and continues weekly on Mondays from here.

The new series started last night with 2 million viewers, down around 600,000 viewers on last year's opener but up on both 2015 and 2014's respective premiere episodes.

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