The Island with Bear Grylls new series is set to be the hardest season ever


The Island with Bear Grylls is back on Sunday night and it could be the hardest season ever.

This year there is a new twist as the fourth series looks at the generation gap and if stereotypes about the young and the old ring true.

Of the thousands who applied just 16 were chosen to take part. As they face treacherous weather conditions, severely limited resources, environmental hazards and near starvation, the two groups have a long, hard battle ahead of them.

Bear Grylls said: “I think it was the hardest season we've ever done. We had horrific conditions, beyond anything we've ever seen over four series of this show. Every hour brings a fresh twist and turn. And it's a full-on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual assault.”

The Island With Bear Grylls will once again break new ground as this time we’ll discover what happens when two different generations are pushed to the very limits of human endurance. W

Two groups are set up, one aged 18-30 and the other aged 30-70.

Bear said: “It was so revealing, doing the whole male and female theme last time. One of the things I always think is that young people get a really hard time. Everyone's got opinions about young people, and those opinions are not always great.

"Sometimes young people lack opportunities, but one thing they don't lack is ambition. So, I thought, let’s see if the exuberance and passion of youth can triumph over the experience and dogged determination and hardiness of so many older people.

"That's another whole demographic that everybody has an opinion about, but my experience of slightly more senior people as that they are often hard as nails.”

The Island with Bear Grylls begins at 9PM on Sunday night on Channel 4 and then continues on Monday.

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