Ollie Locke defends crocodile 'stabbing' on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

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Ollie Locke kills a crocodile in tonight's Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

However the actions have already caused anger, even before the show has aired.

Last month, as part of this year's Stand Up To Cancer campaign, Bear Grylls abandoned 10 celebrities on an uninhabited island in the Pacific.

Tonight their stay on The Island comes to an end as those that remain are rescued by bear.


But in their final few days, hunger bites back harder than ever. Karen Danczuk shows the guts and determination to save the group as she recruits a small hunting party to go catch a crocodile for dinner.

Ollie is seen helping dispatch the animal in order to feed the group, but the scenes have been slammed by animal rights charities.

"I feel it is totally unacceptable to kill or abuse animals for entertainment," lan Knight, of International Animal Rescue, told The Sun.

Made in Chelsea star Ollie however defended the actions.

"We were starving, we were not good," he said. "And we knew from watching other series and our training that there was a cayman crocodile on the island. So we kind of made the informed decision that that was what we were going to go and find, and it became my job in the end to kill it.

"And it was something that we didn't want to do, and it was horrible, a not very nice thing to do, to take a life. No-one wants to do that."


And he added: "It was done humanely and in the way that we were trained to do so. It wasn't a nice thing to do at all, but we ate every single bit of it and it gave us what we needed for the three days ahead. Because we were f**ked, to be quite honest."

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: "Those on the island all received training on how to kill animals humanely and this was utilised properly in each instance.”

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 4.

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