Zoe Salmon has a 'problem downstairs' on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls


It was week three of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls last night and things were tougher than ever.

But poor Zoe Salmon was suffering greater than most with a 'problem downstairs'.

After no real meal since landing on The Island the celebs had lost 20 stone between them.

And as well as the weight loss it's led to some unusual medical problems, as TOWIE's Lydia Bright helpfully explained.

She told cameras of Zoe's issue: "Basically her fanny's starving."

Zoe herself was a bit more tactful, saying: "It's so unfortunate I've picked up this infection."

Away from the lady issues, Sunday night's episode saw the eight remaining celebs rowing over who should be leader.

Having replaced Dom Jolly as 'president', Mark Jenkins led some of the group on a hunting expedition but got angry when his fellow stars instead decided to lay about on a beach.

Mark's leadership also wound up Karen Danczuk who vowed to strip off naked if he completed his promise of finding food.

Mark quipped in response: "That almost makes me hope I don't find anything."

Later on Karen was elected to replace Mark as the group's leader, which he wasn't too impressed by.

"I'm not going to take any notice of what she says to me anyway," he remarked.


But by the end of the show it was all happy families again thanks to some turkeys.

After more than a week without a real meal, the celebs managed to capture two of the wild animals... just.

Lydia couldn't face the thought of even touching the turkey, let alone killing it, leaving Karen and Mark to do the honours.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls continues Sunday nights on Channel 4 at 9PM.

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