Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls: Aston Merrygold and Thom Evans QUIT

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Aston Merrygold and Thom Evans have BOTH quit Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls 2016.

The pair left the show after just a week in last night's episode on Channel 4.

The group of all stars (sort of) were dropped off on The Island for the first time last weekend to fend for themselves and it didn't go quite to plan.

After running out of water and ending up lost in the jungle, they had to call for help twice within hours of arriving.

And this week, things weren't going much better.

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While the celebrities now had fire and water, after four gruelling days, they still hadn't eaten a single proper meal, and rugby ace Thom was struggling.

As well as Thom's problem, JLS singer Aston made a decision about his future on The Celebrity Island.

At the end of last Sunday's premiere, it was already getting too much for Aston and he was seen radioing to Bear's team to get out.

"I think it's time I leave the island and come home," he said.

Last night he confirmed his choice to leave and explained: "I just feel I’m not being a hundred per cent myself in here. I’m just quite miserable to be honest. I came into this very naive and I’m just going to go home.”

Later Thom followed as the lack of food left him barely able to move.

"It’s horrible because I've always been a doer and I like doing stuff especially for the sake of the group," he said. “But physically I can’t even function, I have no energy, nothing.”

Thom then told the group: “I’ve decided to leave the island, I set out to finish this but it’s sadly not going to be the case.”

He then admitted: “It’s the most horrible feeling ever that you’re worthless.”

Elsewhere last night, The Hotel's Mark Jenkins was left outraged when he found their 'president' Dom Joly taking a nap while the others are busy hunting, prompting a coup.

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And to add to the islanders' woes, a nasty fishing accident left TOWIE's Lydia Bright in excruciating pain.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls airs at 9PM, Sunday night on Channel 4.

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