Celebrity Island: Lydia Bright left in excruciating pain after shock fish hook injury

lydia bright celebrity island

Things got VERY painful for Lydia Bright on The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls in tonight's show.

The TOWIE star discovered the hard way the Channel 4 show is very much a REAL reality series after she found herself impaled on a fish hook.

And Lydia, one of ten celebs signed up for the special show in aid of charity, told how medics needed to push it through her body to get it out in scenes shown tonight (9PM, Channel 4).

"It was a scream like I've never heard," her co-star Dom Joly revealed to Digital Spy earlier in the year after filming took place. "They had to come and cut it out of her."

lydia island celebrity bear

Lydia herself explained: "It went though a joint. When it actually went in, it was painful, don't get me wrong, but all I was panicking about was that the way that it comes out is you have to re-pierce it out the other way.

"Dr Dawn [Harper] was trying to tug at it to push it through, but it had gone through a joint so it was so tough - she was trying to push for ages. It was excruciating."

Elsewhere on tonight's show, the celebs struggle to fend for themselves just four days into their stay on the island.

While the stars have fire and water they still haven't eaten a single proper meal, and rugby ace Thom Evans is seen struggling.

Meanwhile, The Hotel's Mark Jenkins is outraged when he finds their 'president' Dom Joly taking a nap, while the others are busy hunting. Mark decides to take action, launching a coup against Dom's lacklustre leadership.

Elsewhere, JLS' singer Aston Merrygold decides whether or not to leave after one week.

The Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls airs this Sunday night at 9PM on Channel 4.