Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls line up are REALLY struggling


Here's a first look at Celebrity Island with bear Grylls this weekend and it's looking like the cast are struggle.

The group of all stars (sort of) were dropped off on The Island for the first time last week to fend for themselves and it didn't go quite to plan.

After running out of water and ending up lost in the jungle, they had to call for help twice within hours of arriving.

And this week, things don't seem to be going much better.

In a first preview clip we see the celebrities struggling again for food and water while there's disagreements in their makeshift camp over who should lead.

A total of 10 celebrities have signed up for the show with the group made up of well known names from the worlds of television, music, sport and comedy.

Familiar faces on the Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls' line up include JLS singer Aston Merrygold, Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke, Comedian and writer Dom Joly, The Hotel’s Mark Jenkins and Rugby ace and model Thom Evans.

Joining them are Channel 4’s Dr Dawn Harper, Former Labour Councillor and ‘selfie queen’ Karen Danczuk plus Comedian Josie Long.

And rounding things off are TOWIE star Lydia Bright and former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon.

However their numbers may soon drop come this weekend's second episode.

At the end of last Sunday's premiere, it was already getting too much for Aston and he was seen radioing to Bear's team to get out.

"I think it's time I leave the island and come home," he said.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls airs at 9PM, Sunday night on Channel 4.

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