Lydia Bright 'stabbed with a fish hook' on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

the island lydia

Things got VERY painful for Lydia Bright on The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, it's been revealed.

The TOWIE star discovered the hard way this is very much a REAL reality series after she found herself impaled on a fish hook during filming earlier this year.

And Lydia, one of ten celebs signed up for the special show in aid of charity, has told how medics needed to push it through her body to get it out.

"It was a scream like I've never heard," Dom Joly revealed to Digital Spy ahead of this Sunday night's premiere episode. "They had to come and cut it out of her."

Lydia herself explained: "It went though a joint. When it actually went in, it was painful, don't get me wrong, but all I was panicking about was that the way that it comes out is you have to re-pierce it out the other way.

"Dr Dawn [Harper] was trying to tug at it to push it through, but it had gone through a joint so it was so tough - she was trying to push for ages. It was excruciating."

Away from the nasty injury, Lydia says she's hoping to change people's views of reality TV stars.

"I think people think we get everything handed on a plate to us," said Lydia, who has been on TOWIE since the first ever series. "We so don't. I think sometimes people think of us as just lazy and getting everything thrown to us but I think in reality we actually are very hard workers.

"I think that we work extra hard because we've always got something to prove, because people do have this kind of misconception, which I completely understand. Some of our shows, mine especially, there's a lot of stupid people on there that bring our name down!"

The Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls airs this Sunday night at 9PM on Channel 4.