The Island under fire (again) for 'animal cruelty'

the island bear 2016

The Island with Bear Grylls has been criticised for animal cruelty once again.

The latest series of the Channel 4 show concluded on Monday night and saw The Islanders make their biggest kill yet as they celebrated taking down a caiman crocodile.

But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has hit out at the scenes which saw the croc stabbed through the head for its meat and skin.

PETA director Mimi Bekhechi complained to The Sun newspaper: “Channel 4 is at it again with a desperate quest for ratings at the expense of animals’ lives.

“A better television series would show psychological counselling for men who are desperate to do unforgivable things to animals who pose them no threat."

She added: “People fighting for survival might kill and eat animals in that way, but that’s not our reality.

“It’s a cruel fantasy for which animals pay with their lives.

Channel 4 declined to comment on the latest complaints.

Last year the show came under attack after the contestants accidentally killed an endangered species during filming.

It was understood that islands were home only to common caiman crocodiles but the men managed to find and hunt an under threat American crocodile.

Channel 4 apologised at the time for what they said was a "genuine and regrettable error".

The Island will return later this year for its first ever celebrity series while a fourth run of the regular show has already been confirmed.

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