The Island with Bear Grylls: Don't miss tonight's special end of series show!

the island with bear grylls

The Island with Bear Grylls 2016 may have concluded its main run last night on Channel 4 but the show isn't quite over just yet.

The Island with Bear Grylls: Surviving The Island airs tonight at 9PM, providing a special recap of the series and a look at how the contestants have adjusted to life back in civilisation.

In this special episode, Bear Grylls takes an in-depth look at how the castaways survived in the latest series of The Island.

Completely alone, filming everything themselves, with only a handful of basic tools and the clothes they stood up in, Bear's eight men and eight women not only had to survive five gruelling weeks in a vicious tropical storm season, they also had to cope with food being particularly scarce due to the uncertainty of fishing stock caused by the El Nino weather system.

So how did the experience of The Island change those who lasted it out until the end?

Bear returns to meet the men and women who made it through the experiment and sees first-hand how they managed to survive - as individuals and as part of a mixed sex group.

He hears their reflections on their time on the island and shares his thoughts on how they coped with the extremes.

The Island with Bear Grylls: Surviving The Island, Channel 4, 9PM.

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