The Island 2016 contestants kill a CROCODILE as series concludes

the island bear 2016

The Island 2016 concluded on Channel 4 tonight as the remaining contestants killed a crocodile.

It was the group's biggest meal since arriving more than a month ago and couldn't have come soon enough.

Show bosses were concerned that the group's situation was getting so dire that it would be unsafe for them to say on The Island until the end.

With many of the cast too weak to even leave camp, and others recovering from injuries, a handful ventured inland for a hunt.

A dead iguana was scavenged but discarded for being too rotten.

Then two of the group chanced upon a caiman crocodile, which they originally thought was dead as well.

After being startled to discover it was VERY much alive, the croc was dispatched with "total commitment" thanks to a knife through the head.

Not a piece of the animal went to waste with the food making for days worth of meals and even the skin being turned into make-shift jewellery by The Islanders.

But not all viewers were impressed with the catch, as one Twitter user pointed out: "Shall we take a moment to remember all the wild animals butchered for the purposes of light entertainment on #TheIsland?"

Days later, Bear landed on The Island to take the remaining cast back to civilization, including family and their first mirror in 40 days.

The Island with Bear Grylls is expected to return for a fourth series next year.

Surviving The Island with Bear Grylls airs on Tuesday at 9PM on Channel 4.

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