The Island 2016 spoilers: It's the FINAL week but can the contestants make it to the end?

The Island with Bear Grylls 2016!

the island 2016 bear grylls

It's the series finale of The Island with Bear Gylls on Channel 4 tonight but can the remaining contestants survive until the last day?

Last week's dramatic show saw one more Islander bite the dust as Paddy was medevaced off The Island to hospital after THAT nasty cliff fall.

Meanwhile another one of Dr Dan's expeditions resulted in injury after he sliced his leg open with a machete, giving himself stitches in the jungle.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel as the final few days approach.

However despite being marooned for a month, the men and women on the Island remain barely managing to survive.

Without a sustainable food source and insufficient shelter to protect them from the brutal tropical storms, the Islanders are on the brink of disaster as their bodies start to fail just before the finish line.

The turkey caught in last week's episode didn't last long and with food again in short supply, in desperation, the women muster the energy go on one last hunt led by Simon.

The group head inland to the jungle in search of the most dangerous predator on the island: the caiman crocodile.

But can they catch one and if so will they be able to turn it into dinner?

Meanwhile, when Bear sets down on The Island arrives to collect them, will they be thriving, or just surviving?

The Island 2016 airs tonight (Monday) on Channel 4 from 9PM.

Also be sure to watch recap show Surviving the Island with Bear Grylls on Tuesday night at 9PM.

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