The Island with Bear Grylls WILL be back for a fourth series


The Island with Bear Grylls will return for a fourth series next year, it's been revealed.

Bear himself has confirmed his Channel 4 show will be back again following the success of the current series.

This year's run has seen an average of more than 2 million viewers tuning in each week making it oen of the biggest rated shows on C4.

The third series has seen men and women living together for the first time and there's been no shortage of drama as the group of sixteen contestants try to survive six weeks on the uninhabited pacific island.

Last week saw one Islander fall off a cliff, having to be rushed to hospital via helicopter, while on Monday night's show another was forced to stitch himself up after slicing his leg open.

The show has also been involved in some controversy with claims of sexism between the men and women.

But it's all made for a brilliant set of episodes and a fourth installment is already being planned.

Bear told The Sun newspaper: "There will be another series, which is fantastic. It's a great show. It does get ugly this series though.

"It's amazing, it's inspiring - and total respect to what the contestants go through."

For now, the current series of The Island with Bear Grylls continues Monday at 9PM on Channel 4.

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