The Island 2016: Daniel Quemby stitches HIMSELF after slicing leg open

the island dr dan leg cut

The Island 2016's Daniel Quemby was forced to stitch himself back together after cutting his leg open n tonight's show

Dr Dan sliced his limb with a machete after trekking through the jungle in the search of food.

With the deep gash gushing blood, he was forced to stitch the open wound back together himself before continuing on with the journey.

All the (very literal) blood, sweat and tears were worth it though as the group later discovered sugar cane plants, giving The Island a much needed boost.

Dr Dan's injury came just after another contestant had to be flown to hospital after falling off a CLIFF.

Last week saw Paddy slip off the edge of The Island onto rocks below as another expedition led by Dr Dan attempted to make their way around the coast line in search of food.

In tonight's show, Paddy was seen being evacuated off The Island but it wasn't straightforward with an incoming tropical storm causing perilously rough seas.

The waves prevented the rescue party from Bear's team from reaching the group, forcing two of the rescuers to swim ashore.

They led the unharmed Islanders to safety before moving Paddy into a helicopter to be flown to hospital.

Doctors quickly carried out X-Rays and CT Scans which ruled out any major issues with Patrick escaping the whole thing with just bruising.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs Monday nights on Channel 4.

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