The Island 2016: Patrick escapes with just bruising after cliff fall

The Island with Bear Grylls 2016!

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Patrick Dauncey escaped his shocking fall on The Island with Bear Grylls with just bruising in tonight's show.

Last week saw Paddy slip off a cliff edge onto rocks below as he and a group of The Islanders attempted to make their way around the coast line in search of food.

In tonight's show, Paddy was seen being medevaced off The Island but it wasn't straightforward.

the island bear grylls fall

Rough seas from an incoming tropical storm prevented the rescue party from Bear's team from reaching the group, forcing two rescuers to swim ashore.

One led the unharmed Islanders to safety while the other stayed with Paddy who ended up being flown to hospital.

X-Rays and CT Scans ruled out any major issues with Patrick escaping the whole thing with just bruising.

Those in the main camp had spotted the helicopter and were left in shock after the expedition party returned to break the news of Paddy's accident to the group.

Elsewhere on tonight's show, The Islanders continued to struggle for food.

While they caught some small fish, the biggest catch had to be thrown back after one of the contestants caught a poisonous puffer fish.

Desperate times saw the group having to split a four inch baby lizard between all of them.

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But the group did get a win after catching a turkey in one of their traps, while another expedition uncovered sweet sugar cane plants.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs Monday nights on Channel 4.

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