The Island spoilers: The fallout of THAT cliff fall leaves show in crisis

The Island with Bear Grylls 2016

the island bear grylls fall

It's time for the latest instalment from The Island with Bear Grylls on Channel 4 tonight.

Last week saw the rows and tension in the group reach breaking point with a massive argument between Erika and Tilly.

Perhaps keep to get away from the atmosphere in camp, Dr Dan led some of the islanders on an expediation to explore the rest of The Island.

But taking a short cut along the coast over slippery cliff edges, it ended in disaster and almost fatally so when Patrick lost his grip and crashed onto the rocks below.

"I honestly thought I'd be speaking to the coroners. I honestly thought at best he would be paralysed, or at worst he would be dead," Dan admitted this week.

On the show tonight we see the fallout from Patrick's terrifying drop as Bear Grylls' The Island is left in crisis.

Dr Dan's expedition group finds itself trapped in a tiny cove with a tropical storm on the way to make things even worse.

Having called for emergency help from Bear's team on their satellite phone, things don't get much better when the rescue party arrive to evacuate Patrick: They find the stormy sea too rough to land their boat.

The only escape route is a perilous climb back up the cliffs.

Back at camp, and unaware of the drama unfolding elsewhere on The Island, the need for food is more urgent than ever.

So far the men have dominated the hunting, with little success and Elliot desperate for a big kill - but barmaid Tilly is keen to get more involved.

And just how will they react when they find out about Paddy's fall?

The Island with Bear Grylls continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9PM.

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