The Island 2016: Tragedy as contestant falls off a CLIFF

But is Patrick Dauncey okay?

The Island with Bear Grylls look a tragic turn on tonight's show as a contestant fell from a CLIFF onto his back.

Patrick Dauncey slipped off The Island's jagged coast line onto rocks below, as waves crashed in around him.

Earlier, in the hope of finding food, Daniel Quemby had begun to lead an expedition to the other side of The Island.

With an intense storm quickly approaching in and huge waves crashing against the cliffs, they faced a race against time to get to safety and avoid being cut off by the incoming tide.

Dan went ahead to check the route and after finding a beach just beyond the last of the cliffs, invited the rest of the group over.

While some made it across, Patrick fell off onto his back.

The team immediately tried to rush to his aid as they made a mayday call via satellite phone to the the show's team on a nearby Island.

But the waves and rocks made it impossible to get a boat near to Patrick to help rescue him and assess any injuries.

It's not yet clear if Paddy is okay with the fallout from the nasty accident set to air in next week's episode.

Elsewhere on tonight's show a nasty row between Erica Roe and Tilly Martin took over the main camp.

The bitter feud saw Erica trying to destroy the group's supplies, taking firewood back to the ocean.

But the pair had made up in the end after a turkey provided the group with a much needed meal and morale boost.

The Island with Bear Grylls continues on Monday nights on Channel 4.

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