The Island 2016 contestant almost dies after fishing disaster

the island bear

The Island with Bear Grylls nearly ended in disaster tonight after a risky fishing trip.

The desperate men and women, who have been living on The Island for two weeks now, swam far out into deep waters in the hope of catching their first real meal since arriving.

But while they managed to set up a net, things took a nasty turn as the strong currents began to pull the swimmers out to sea.

After a rush to get everyone back ashore, one member was unaccounted for as Rob Bloomfield disappeared beneath the waves.

"That motherf**ker over there will gobble you up," Erika Roe said of the water.

The horrified Islanders used the satellite phone to call for emergency help, as Rob found himself washed up on a separate part of the beach, alone and trapped by the water.

He took to the decision to climb his way back to camp over rocks along the coastline to be reunited with the much relieved camp.

"I'm really f**king angry with you," snapped Erika on Rob's return.

"I've never experienced anything like it in my life," said Rob, who admitted to having "crapped his pants".

"In hindsight, it was probably very dangerous," he admitted.

But the risk paid off with the Islanders retrieving the net in the morning to find a small but still substantial shark had been caught.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs Monday nights on Channel 4.

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