The Island 2016 cast consider cannibalism...


The Island 2016 cast are seen considering cannibalism on tonight's show.

It's after 16 days without a good meal having so far relied on what they can forage from rock pools and the trees to survive.

But a diet of limpets and yuca is wearing the group down and in this evening's latest episode the men and women are seen considering alternatives.

As crocodiles, turkeys and fish escape their grasp, the contestants fear things are getting desperate.

Rozelle says: “I do not want to start eating people but...”

Tom reacts: “I don’t either but I will. The question is: ‘Who are we going to eat first?’

Roz quips: “I thought it would be me as I’ve got chubby thighs and got more meat on me.”

In one last bid to avoid, err, eating one another, some of the group head out to sea in the hope of catching a fish.

But the hunt ends badly as the strong tides begin to pull the islanders further and further away from shore.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 4.

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