The Island 2016 spoilers: Tension as men and women meet for first time


Bear Grylls' The Island 2016 continues tonight as the men and women meet up for the first time.

In last week's opening show, Bear Grylls abandoed two groups, one of eight men, the other of eight women, to see if they can survive on an uninhabited island.

In a first for The Island the two groups are sharing the same land although neither were aware of the other's presence when they were dropped off at opposite sides of the island.

The Island with Bear Grylls
The Island with Bear Grylls

Last Monday proved to be a dramatic start to the series as one of the girls quit just days in while another suffered a nasty scorpion bite.

Meanwhile the men have so far struggled to get settled in their first seven days on The Island.

In tonight's show there's an emotional meeting on the beach, as the men and women find one another.

The women feed the starving men from their supply of yucca, while the men stop the women drinking water from a stagnant lagoon.

However the peace doesn't last for long as both groups have dissenters who would rather the men and women remained apart, causing tension.

Iraq veteran Hannah, who last week had to have medical treatment after being stung by a scropion, attempts to unite and motivate.

The Island with Bear Grylls - (BOYS TRYING TO LIGHT FIRE)
The Island with Bear Grylls - (BOYS TRYING TO LIGHT FIRE)

Later on and a vicious tropical storm rolls in to weak havoc on The Island and its inhabitants.

The deafening thunder and lightning have a devastating effect on Hannah, and the fledgling community is left reeling.

The Island with Bear Grylls continues tonight on Channel 4 from 9PM.

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