The Island 2016 contestants: Meet the cast on Bear Grylls' show

The Island with Bear Grylls is back for 2016 and here are the contestants on the cast for Series 3.

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Alice Rothwell

Alice Rothwell THE ISLAND SERIES 3
Alice Rothwell, 26, hospital doctor from Lincoln

26, Hospital Doctor from Lincoln

Alice describes herself as an outdoorsy person – she has fond memories of climbing trees with her brothers when she was growing up and she has also trekked through the Amazon and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Though she feels confident in her job, she is dissatisfied with her personal life and feels that she is falling behind her friends.

She wants to test her inner strength by going on The Island.

A doctor on the show, she says the long shifts she works has taught her endurance and the ability to function when tired. She says her greatest strengths are her enthusiasm, commitment and hard-working spirit.

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