The Island with Bear Grylls: Watch trailer from brand new series

Here's a first look at the brand new series of The Island with Bear Grylls, coming to Channel 4 next week.

It's the third run and this year there is a brand new twist.

As with last spring there are two groups of eight men and women who will be trying to survive life on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean.

But whereas last year the two groups lived separately, this time men and women will be together as they share the same land, although in a twist neither group will be aware of the other's presence at beginning.

Bear revealed: "Neither group knew the other was there, and it takes them a while to find each other. And then it got interesting!"

"The 2 groups didn't meet until after they’d been in their respective groups for a few days, and the fireworks followed from that," eh continued. "People are so on the edge, anything that rocks the boat is going to be difficult. But it’s also not what you’d expect.

"With the men and women together, you’d think it would be all about sex, but these people are on the edge, they have so many more important things on their mind – literally day-to-day survival: thirst, hunger, bites, fatigue and fear."

On the Men's team are cameramen Ben Allen and Rob Bloomfield, Manchester property developer Chris Tierney, medic Daniel Quemby, chef Elliot Day, student Patrick Dauncey, phone shop owner Rizwan Shabir and insurance salesman Simon Middleton.

The Women group consists of camerawomen Cassie Farrell and Sarah Carnie, doctor Alice Rothwell, retired farmer Erika Roe, ex soldier Hannah Campbell, plumber Rozelle 'Roz' David, accountant Shaney Langhorn and barmaid Tilly Martin.

The Island with Bear Grylls: Chris is back on Channel 4 at 9PM from next Monday, March 28.

Browse pictures of The Island 2016 cast below...

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