The Island 2016: Bear Grylls' new series starts tonight with a twist

THE ISLAND SERIES 4 2017 start

The Island with Bear Grylls 2016 begins tonight as the Channel 4 show returns for a third series.

The premise remains the same as in the ultimate test of endurance, Bear Grylls abandons groups of everyday Brits on an uninhabited island.

They've got just the clothes they're wearing and some basic tools to make use of to survive.

There are no producers, camera crews or runners with the contestants filming everything themselves as they battle to find food and water and make shelter.


But this year there's a new twist as, for the first time ever, The Island will see men and women sharing the same land.

In this third series, a male and female cohort are abandoned on the opposite side of the same island - and neither group knows the other is there.

Will they find each other; and if so, will they work together and share the island's resources so that both groups thrive? Bear has promised us fireworks, but in the way most would expect...

In the opening episode this evening, as they first swim ashore, both groups face an immediate life-or-death search for drinking water. Without it, they won't survive more than a couple of days.

The women seem to hit the jackpot when they discover a lagoon but drinking from it could prove to have severe consequences.

Meanwhile just days in, tensions between the men grow as they struggle to find a suitable place to set up camp.


With a ferocious tropical storm approaching the island, trouble is brewing.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs tonight on Channel 4 from 9PM.

Meet The Islanders below...

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