The Island with Bear Grylls: Men's desperation for food leads to rows and nasty accident

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The Island with Bear Grylls: Series 2 Episode 5

It's back to the men on The Island with Bear Grylls tonight and their desperation to eat causes rows and may see one have to leave the island.

A month in to the Series 2 challenge and the male group are close to going into freefall.

Unable to find a sustainable source of food, they are getting weaker and more desperate by the day.

Charlie remarks: “We are starting to starve… I’ve got a b****y lollipop head, it looks wrong size for my body..."

Watching on from the outside with his team, Bear reveals: “The men are actually in danger of entering what’s called autophagy…it literally means to ‘self-eat’.

"Their bodies start to cannibalise themselves and, if they don’t find a sustainable food source for the long-term, their physical condition won’t just be in decline, it will be in freefall.”

As malnourishment, exhaustion and pressure to keep going take their toll, the group turn on each other.

In particular, Vic’s patience is wearing thin with Eton-educated cameraman Sam F, who he believes is shirking off from the more physical tasks.

“Manual graft is king and we all have to work and sweat, and he’s done Jack s**t.”- Vic complains.

Despite Will’s best efforts to mediate the situation, a rift develops between Sam and the other men. Class prejudices eventually come to the fore as Vic accuses Sam of not working hard enough due to his privileged background.

Vic snaps: “Where I come from, we vote every four years for people who speak like you. We put every last vestige of trust in that person, and then you dick on us every single unfortunately, I can’t trust you.”

Determined to prove his critics wrong, Sam sets up a fishing net in the hope of catching an almighty haul to give the group the good meal they so desperately need.

He says: “It was hard to hear…I have a choice, either just to try and ignore it, or try to embrace and try to show him that I’m actually very different from those that have put him down in the past.

"My hope is that he will see me by the end of this experiment as someone who is on his side.”

But with food supplies still falling short, the ravenous men to take bigger risks in the pursuit of a decent feed as they go on ill-advised scramble around the island's treacherous rocky coast to access better fishing grounds.

The Island with Bear Grylls: Series 2 Episode 5

The desperation leads to a nasty accident for Will with a serious fall that leaves his future on the island uncertain.

The Island 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 4.

The latest episode from the women airs tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9PM on Channel 4.

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