The Island 2015: Women may be forced to QUIT as things get critical

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Things get critical on The Island with Bear Grylls tonight as the women end up in real danger.

With the General Election tomorrow there's only the one episode of The Island this week but it provides more than enough action.

Focused purely on the ladies' island, in tonight's show we see the 10 remaining girls turn against each other after what has so far been a rather harmonious life on the Island together.

There are rows over chores with some of the Islanders not feeling that everyone is pulling their weight.

“Jaime again, sunbathing on the beach. There is a large handful of us that work solidly the whole time… so we can all benefit from it. Not everyone has that same level of responsibility, and it’s a joke," Lauren remarks.

But Jamie retorts: “I can help with jobs that benefit me, and that means anything to do with water. Things that don’t benefit me? No, I don’t care.”

Later Jamie, who has put herself in control of the group's water purification system, is outraged to learn that one of the group's jerry cans used to boil water has been stuffed full of leftover meat from their pig kill last week.

In a fateful turn of events, the meat in the container quickly turns rancid and causes the women to become ill with diarrhoea.

The group decide to then get rid of the jerry can but it leaves them with less water and puts their health on the island in real jeopardy.

With the pacific heat, one of the women ends up fainting from exhaustion, dehydration and hunger as Bear Grylls declares: “I’m not being dramatic about this – they’re in a LOT of trouble right now!”

The girls are given a sharp wake-up call by the show’s medical team about their physical deterioration as it's revealed they risk being forced to leave the island before the end of the challenge if things don't improve.

The Island with Bear Grylls from the women's island airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

The show continues as usual next Wednesday with the Men and Thursday with the latest from the Women.

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