The Island with Bear Grylls: Women's need for food reaches desperation

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There's desperation to find food on The Island with Bear Grylls tonight as the girls struggle at the halfway point of their stay.

The group’s previous high after eating their first meal in weeks has been short lived and hunger is also once again the main problem.

"I was saying a couple of days ago in jest that I feel like my body’s digesting itself but I jest no more. I am eating myself from the inside," says Beth.

However some of the group celebrate at dropping the pounds while on the island, leading Georgina to complain: “I just don’t find starvation a sexy way to get skinny.”

Seriously malnourished and losing weight rapidly, their situation is now serious: Two of the women in particular are really struggling and the rest of the team realise they must reconsider their approach to hunting in order to pull their situation back from the brink of disaster.

Lauren and Beth set animal traps in the jungle and, after a missed opportunity to catch their first real meal in a week, they spot a potential source of food in the form of a large boar which they must capitalise on to turn their dire circumstances around.

"Unless you’re wanting to survive on shredded old bits of coconut and the old yucca plant, then it’s time to face up to the facts that we’re going to have to maybe get a bit brutal," remarks Lauren.

Meanwhile, one of the women Islanders finds their health diminishes quickly and worries she may have to leave the island, which would leave only 10 women left behind fending for themselves

Week 4 of the Women’s Island airs tonight, 30th April at 9PM on Channel 4.

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