Bear Grylls' The Island forced to apologise after contestants eat endangered animal

The Island with Bear Grylls: Series 2

Contestants on The Island with Bear Grylls hunted and killed an endangered species in a rather embarrassing mix up.

The Channel 4 series is following two groups - one of men and one of women - as they attempt to survive on an inhabited pacific island for six weeks.

They've had to hunt and kill their own food but producers were shocked to learn that one animal the men manage to catch - which features in tonight's show - was a protected spices.

It was understood that islands were home only to common caiman crocodiles but the men managed to find and hunt an under threat American crocodile.

Vulnerable in the wild and extremely rare on the island, the giant croc became dinner for the hungry Islanders.

Once the mistake was discovered Channel 4 said it was quick to make amends.

The channel said in a statement: “This was a genuine and regrettable error. Prior to filming experts were consulted to ascertain species on both islands and the American crocodile was not known to be in the area or on the island.

“The relevant national environment agency are aware of the incident and have granted a licence to replace the animal which has now been done.”

The Island airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 4.

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