The Island 2015: Women struggle to kill pigs... or keep them as pets

The Island with Bear Grylls: Latest from The Women's Island

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The women come face to face with the reality of killing and preparing their own food on The Island with Bear Grylls tonight.

As with the boys, food and particularly water supplies have hit dangerously low levels and the ladies left have become seriously dehydrated to the point of serious concern.

"I keep dreaming about Diet Irn Bru…cold, freezing cold Diet Irn Bru, with ice," Jamie says.

The group also can’t light a fire due to having no dry wood and they still haven’t found a suitable base to set up a permanent camp.

It all leaves one Islander reaches breaking point and may be forced to leave the island, which leaves the remaining women feeling even more unsettled.

“As much as we nest here, Mother Nature turns up and she just s**ts on it," remarks Becki.

In the middle of it all, Lauren tries to celebrate her 25th birthday: “My other birthdays, I’m stressing out because no one’s got me a card, or no one’s come out for a meal – and now, I’m just going to be happy with a piece of fruit and some water.”

As the week continues, the women are excited to track down a couple of pigs in the jungle while on their search for water, but are divided about whether they should kill them for food... or keep them as pets.

The women consider whether they can adhere to their survival instincts and take the lives of the animals they have come to think of as part of the group to sustain them after weeks of insufficient rations.

Beth says: “The first thing I thought of was crackling to be honest. I am hungry, but I don’t know if I could look into its little piggy eyes and then kill him."

The Island continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 4.

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