The Island 2015: Men come to blows as the struggle for food continues

The Island with Bear Grylls: Latest from The Men's Island

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The Island with Bear Grylls continues tonight with an update on the Men's Island.

We're now two weeks in and the men are three down already, and another could be about to leave.

The struggle for food is still very much top priority or the guys who are currently surviving on less than 300 calories per day each.

"So thin now, it’s like ribs, all sorts of bones appearing that I haven’t seen since I was a bloody teenager," remarks Charlie.

On the hunt, the group split into two to search for anything they can eat. One group – led by facilities manager Vic – discover a jungle area which could prove crucial in providing them with much-needed protein, as they spot one of the island’s most fearsome predators lurking in the water. They lay a trap and wait...

But back in the men’s camp, relations become strained as website designer Kyle tests everyone’s patience through his refusal to help out with the daily chores.

"I’m busting my knackers fella, doing wood and you’re doing your feet!" Vic complains to Kyle.

Paramedic Barney tries to alert Kyle to the group’s concerns, but one of the men finally explodes in frustration, leading Kyle to question his role on the island.

And to end up cleaning his nails with a toothbrush, apparently.

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Meanwhile, there's some light relief as the discussion turns to bowel movements and a new ‘Poo Crew’ is formed that only certain men can be part of with Dan becoming the latest member.

The Island Series 2 continues tonight with Bear Grylls from 9PM on Channel 4, with the latest from the women's island tomorrow (Thursday) night.

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