The Island's Barney Strange gets free holiday offer from Center Parcs

barney strange

The Island with Bear Grylls' contestant Barney Strange has been offered a free holiday to Center Parcs.

It's after the paramedic was seen blubbing in last night's episode about missing his previously booked trip to appear on the show.

Barney's mini-breakdown followed him almost being swept out into the Pacific ocean after an attempt at finishing came close to ending in disaster.

"I've just realised that this week is the week that I'm meant to be at Center Parcs," complaind Barney.

Writing on Twitter after the show, he quipped: "It wasn't hard, it's just that I REALLY love Center Parcs!"

And the folks over at Center Parcs were listening, tweeting him: "Wow after watching last nights programme we all agree that you need a free break #TheIsland #getbarneytocenterparcs."

They added: "I'm not sure if riding the rapids in the Subtropical Pool will be as daring but we would love you to visit."

The company went on to joke: "We can guarantee that our Pancakes taste better than Iguana #feedtheislanders #theisland."

The Island with Bear Grylls continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9PM with the latest from the women.

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