The Island with Bear Grylls: Iguana 'beheading' shocks viewers

the island bear grylls Iguana 3

The 'savage' killing of an Iguana has caused controversy on The Island with Bear Grylls.

After almost no food in the five days since they first arrived on The Island, the men finally manged to catch a meal for themselves in tonight's episode.

And 'Iggy' the Iguana provided the eleven guys remaining with some much needed protein, but the death of the island animal split viewers.

Putting it on a leash like a dog and generally treating it as a pet probably didn't help, all before Barney bloodily beheaded the lizard in camp.

the island bear grylls Iguana 1

The rather shocking scenes left viewers divided with many complaining about what happened on screen.

On Twitter, @JasJudge wrote: "Chopping the head off a defenceless animal? Sorry.. He's not earnt my respect Bear... #TheIsland"

User @HBRed99 added: "So Bear Grylls refers to hero status in the killing of an Iguana....not really....essential for survival in the name of the show #TheIsland"

And ‏@Hillarygasm tweeted: "Could we have a moment of silence please for the iguana that was just beheaded for the purposes of light entertainment? #TheIsland"

On the other hand, ‏@dmcnally pointed out: "I wonder if people complaining about killing the iguana would complain if the guys just ate fish instead? #TheIsland"

And ‏@RebeccaStorm posted: "Love the division over killing the iguana. Where do people think their meat comes from?! Someone has to kill it. #TheIsland"

Our favourite tweet however in the whole thing came from @iamCRo who wrote: "He's eating the face of an iguana. The FACE of an iguana #TheIsland"

the island bear grylls Iguana 2

Iguana are indigenous to The Islands but more were added by Bear and his team to sustain the groups.

In Central and South America, the animals are nicknamed 'the chicken of the trees' because they apparently taste of chicken once cooked.

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