The Island 2015: Medical emergency on women's island sees them call for help

The Island with Bear Grylls SPOILERS!

The Island - Ep 2 - Womens (ii)

There's a medical emergency on The Island with Bear Grylls tonight as we follow the women.

The group is still separated after an expedition party crossed the island in the searing heat to find a permanent camp last week - and got hopelessly lost while trying to return to the others.

With one group disorientated in the jungle, those left behind in the temporary base camp get hit by a torrential downpour. They let their fire go out and are now surviving on a dwindling water supply. Tensions build and their mental and physical strength is tested to the limit, especially when Fran collapses, causing the women to summon emergency medical intervention.

“I think the problem is with Fran, she’s not a moaner, I think she’s been far ill-er than we knew," says a worried Abbey about Fran after she collapses near Base Camp

As two days drift by with still no sign of the others, the women at Base Camp face a stark choice; continue to wait for the others to return - or take their fate into their own hands, strike out into the unknown and attempt to find the expedition group and a place to set up a permanent camp.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, the expedition party has completely run out of water and face crippling dehydration.

Becoming increasingly confused in the thick jungle interior after days of trekking, the expedition are finally convinced they are close to reuniting with Base Camp, but, in ‘the world’s trickiest maze’, they are in for a nasty surprise.

Jaime has a meltdown as the Expedition Party once again circle back on themselves: “How the f**k did that happen – we cannot walk anywhere on this island without getting lost”’-

The Island with Bear Grylls airs from 9PM tonight on Channel 4.

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