The Island 2015 preview: Women struggle adjusting to island life

The Island with Bear Grylls girls start their journey


Last night we saw how the guys got on and tonight it's the turn of the ladies on The Island with Bear Gyrlls.

Just like with the men, the women are dropped off by Bear with a splash as they're kicked out of their boat into the pacific ocean.

It's a short swim to the shore where the girls spend quite some time getting to know one another.

It leaves them rather behind schedule when they finally decide to find somewhere to set up camp.

Struggling through the jungle and life on The Island quickly starts to irk some of the contestants.


“It’s not the white beaches and sun we’ve been day dreaming of," says Beki.

A close encounter with a reptile meanwhile has Jamie screaming: "“I was on the island for two minutes and a snake attacked me. F**k me.”

But here's an early win for the group as they stumble on food in the form of some yucca plants, similar to potato.

However while they may be fed, there are perhaps bigger issue as Jamie complains: “We’re getting too excited about yucca. I’m actually quite concerned about sleeping, not yucca.”

Unable to make find a suitable place to make camp before nightfall the girls end up bedding down in the middle of the jungle, sleeping alongside all the wildlife it has to offer.

The next morning, hairdresser Jayde says: “One side of me is like ‘I want to do this, I love nature, I am one with nature’ then the other side of me is just like, ‘look at my f*****g face.’”

On Day 2 and the women decide to split up as half head out to find a better place for camp while the remainder stay where they are.

The beach is found by some of the girls who are quick to enjoy a swim in the blue waters before heading back for the others, but there are problems.

The expedition group lose their way and end up going around in circles, unable to find their original camp.

The Island 2015 with Bear Grylls

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Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are sat in the wet without a fire, surviving by licking rain water off a poncho, wondering if the others are coming back.

The Island with Bear Grylls continues Thursday night at 9PM on Channel 4.

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