The Island: Series 2 is 'longer and tougher' with male AND female islands

The Island Series 2 start date confirmed

The Island with Bear Grylls: Series 2

The Island with Bear Grylls' Series 2 start date has been announced, with the new run bigger, longer and tougher than before.

28 ordinary British folk embarked on the ultimate reality show journey recently, spending six weeks on uninhabited pacific islands.

Split into men and women, the two groups were each dropped off in the sea on the coast of their own island, situated 25 miles apart.

Each of the two groups had three knives, fresh water for their first day and camera equipment, and the show will tell the story of just what happened next.

This year the show is harsher than before, as well as there being two islands, the series was filmed during the rainy season and lasted two weeks longer than the first.

Over 80,000 applied and just 28 made the cut to take on the experiment, which will offer an intriguing look at how the different sexes handle all the islands had to throw at them.

Both islands had enough resources to support the groups, but it was up to them to figure out just how to make use of them.

All of the footage was filmed by the contestants themselves having been supplied plenty of camera gear by Bear.

The clips follow the highs and lows of life on the island, from primeval survival skills such as making shelters to preparing dinner to first world problems of ruined nails and wet hair.

The Island 2015 will air twice a week on Channel 4 on consecutive nights: Each show will tell the story of men and woman island's respectively.

It all begins when the show kicks off on Wednesday April 8, at 9PM on Channel 4, continuing the next day.

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