The Island 2015: Meet the female contestants

The Island Series 2: Meet the girls

The Island with Bear Grylls is back for a second series and this time a group of ladies are taking on the challenge too.

This year's show is quite the battle of the sexes as two groups of 14 men and women are each left on an uninhabited pacific island.

They're given just three knives, enough water for their first day and camera gear before being left to it for SIX weeks.

The Island will play out just what happened next with all of the footage filmed by the contestants themselves.

This year's show will air twice a week with a separate episode following the men and women's respective journeys as they strive to keep fires lit, build camps and hunt for food.

And for added pressure, this year's run is taking place right in the middle of the rainy season.

It all begins when the show kicks off on Wednesday April 8, at 9PM on Channel 4, continuing the next day.

Meet the female contestants on Series 2 of The Island below...

Chavala Parker

Chavala Parker

29-year-old Psychotherapist from Blackpool

Chavala is currently building a successful career as a psychologist but yearns for adventure, saying she wanted to take part in The Island to "get me away from everyone and strip me raw"

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