The Big Reunion 2014 turns into the big flop

The Big Reunion

Ratings for The Big Reunion 2014 aren't all too impressive with the lacklustre line up.

We were rather disappointed earlier this year when the bands for the second series was announced with really no big names at all.

And even the more known acts that did sign up failed to bring all their former members back together.

Producers even had to put together a completely new group in a bid to make up the numbers.

And the unimpressive selection of performers has proven a turn off with viewers from the start this year.

Ratings for the show are about half what the ITV2 series was achieving last year with the opening episode down some 500,000 viewers.

In week two the show dipped to its lowest ever rating with just over 300,000 viewers.

Episode three - which featured the Big Reunion super-group 5th Story, revealing the highs and lows of pop stardom for Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt, Kavana, and Kenzie - fared somewhat better.

Last week had 600,000 viewers but it was still well down on the 1 million plus who watched the first series last year.

The show continues tonight on ITV2 as cameras travel to Los Angeles to focus on the band 3T.

Members Taryll, Taj and TJ Jackson reflect on living in the shadow of their uncle Michael Jackson and recall the extreme highs and lows of their time in the public eye.

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