The Big Reunion 2014: Damage were ruined by sex, drugs and money

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Damage open up about how their career was ruined by sex, drugs and money when The Big Reunion 2014 launches this evening.

Each band has just two weeks of intense rehearsals before they step back onto the stage to perform once again in front of thousands of fans.

The first episode features R&B pioneers Damage and Simon Cowell’s answer to the Spice Girls, Girl Thing, as they reveal the intense highs and lows of life at the peak of the pop world.

From schoolyard to stage, north London’s urban soul boys Damage smashed the charts with a string of top ten hits including the iconic ‘Ghetto Romance’. The band reveals how sex, drugs and overspending destroyed their dream.

Damage formed when the band members were still in school. Rahsaan says: “I was tired of doing these auditions for manufactured bands, and that meant making my own band.”

After the success of their break-through single ‘Love to Love’, Damage were on a roll as the hits kept coming.

Their success meant the band had a stream of adoring fans vying for their attention. Andrez reveals: “The girls came in bucket loads. You didn’t have to try, they just came. I’m not going to say who was the worst, but there were definitely people who enjoyed it more than others.” Jade adds: “It was totally sex, drugs, and rock n roll.”

The band reveals that they took advantage of the perks that fame brought them. Jade says: “We’d order a car, go to a club and just have the car sitting outside not realising you’re clocking up a massive bill.” Rahsaan adds: “The label were like ‘ok guys, we’ve got the bill in for the first few months and your bill is £13,000 on cars alone.”

By 1997, Damage were at their peak, their biggest hit so far Wonderful Tonight hitting the top three. But behind the scenes, the drink and drugs were starting to take hold.

Andrez says: “As our taste buds developed, and you had these riders, you’d be doing 9am TV shows and there’s tables of wine.”

Jade reveals: “We’d go out and buy bottles of champagne, live like we’re rich but in actuality we weren’t.”


The drink and drugs started to affect the band’s relationships, Andrez admits: “As we started to introduce alcohol into our relationships, as we started to introduce cannabis, different things started to unravel.”

Rahasaan says: “We had a lot of disagreements in the band. But whenever we had a disagreement with Coreé, it would be ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’.”

Noel recalls: “I can’t remember what the argument was about, he (Coreé) got really serious really quickly and he said ‘If you do that again I’m gonna to spit in your face’. The next thing I know, he actually spat in my face. I was really taken aback.”

With a division being created in the band, Coreé tells his side of the story, saying: “Because there’s four of them, it’s a unified story. But hearing things that are untrue is hurtful. If it’s true, I hold my hand up. If it’s not true, I will fight you tooth and nail until you realise that you’re lying.”

When tensions continued to increase within the band, Damage called it a day in 2001 citing musical differences.

The Big Reunion airs tonight on ITV2.

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