The Bachelor 2012: Danielle Sheehan blasts "sleazy toff" Spencer Matthews

Danielle Sheehan

Axed The Bachelor 2012 contestant Danielle Sheehan has hit out at Spencer Matthews, branding the hunk a "sleazy toff".

Danielle, who was eliminated from the Channel 5 series last Friday, has claimed she's glad to have left the show.

“I couldn’t see Spencer with any of the girls on the show. He’s just so posh – he’s out of touch with reality," she said this week.

In an interview with Reveal magazine, Danielle complained: “I think he’s a toff, he’s not genuine, he’s confused, he’s arrogant, a bit of a tosser really – and not someone I’d go for.

“He is supposed to be looking for a serious relationship, but sleazing over the girls and getting off with them is not the way to go about it.

“He comes across on camera like he’s looking for a relationship, and that he’s all about love, but off camera he just said, ‘F**k love, let’s all just have sex’."

She added: “Spencer isn’t looking for love. He’s a kid – he doesn’t want anything serious.”

And Danielle suggested that Spencer was insecure about his weight, explaining: “Anyone taller than Spencer had to wear flip flops under a long dress.

“He likes short girls and he made a big issue about it. So all the tall girls, me included, just knew we wouldn’t get far.”

[cat c="The Bachelor"]The Bachelor 2012 UK[/cat] continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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