The Bachelor: Carriane Barrow hits out at Gavin Henson (again)

Carianne (The Bachelor)

The Bachelor winner Carianne Barrow has hit out again at Gavin Henson after their six month relationship fell to bits.

In an interview with new! magazine this week, Carianne revealed how Gavin was a "different person" when he had been drinking.

It follows the Welsh rugby star getting the sack from his club the Cardiff Blues after becoming aggressive in a flight from Glasgow recently.

"He's an idiot. Just really annoying, uncontrollable and won't listen," she told the magazine. "It was like babysitting a small child."

Carianne, who Gavin picked to date on last year's Channel 5 series, added: "He doesn’t know when to stop. We were together for six months and, as a rule, he didn’t drink much. But when he did, he drank uncontrollably. He couldn’t handle his alcohol."

Now both Carianne and Gavin have been linked to the new series of Celebrity Big Brother 2012, which starts on Channel 5 next year.

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