The Bachelor: Carianne Barrow slams ex Gavin Henson!

Gavin Henson The Bachelor

The Bachelor winner Carianne Barrow has hit out at Gavin Henson (again), branding the Welsh rugby star boring and shy!

The 25-year-old blonde beauty was picked by Gavin on last year's show from 16 girls, but after cameras stopped rolling the relationship quickly fell apart.

"It was so boring," Carianne tells Reveal magazine this week. "I'm really loud with a lot of energy, but when I was around him I had to dull myself right down.

"If we weren't sat in silence, we'd be talking about the weather. It made me realise just how little time we'd spent together on the show."

The pair split last month, and Carianne has wasted little time in spilling all on their relationship, telling the magazine how Gavin was "shy" in the bedroom and would only have sex with the lights off.

She continued: "He shaves his legs - they were smoother than mine - which I found quite weird and the sex soon started to dwindle. I felt I was second best to his rugby and exercise regime.

"He wasn't interested in being with me any more and it was a really horrible feeling. I just couldn't understand how it had gone from him declaring his undying love to barely speaking to me."

Branding the 30-year-old, ex of singer Charlotte Church, "spineless", Carianne added: "Gavin, the boyfriend, was nothing like Gavin on The Bachelor. He seemed funny on the show and had a lot of banter but in reality he's really dry. Gavin basically tricked me and the whole experience was fake."

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